Data Network Upgrade

Our Customer

Our customer for this project is an enterprise level community health care facility with two sites and over a hundred workstations. Responsible for the health and well-being of several hundred patients a day, a strong, state-of-the-art network infrastructure is critical to maintaining high levels of patient care.

Highlight of Major Issues

Our client switched their healthcare practice management solution to a different vendor. We were asked to rebuild the core network infrastructure to future-proof the infrastructure and provide needed stability, performance and capacity improvements. Our initial assessment was comprehensive and thorough, and provided our client with the necessary information to appropriately budget this project. Our client had two older white-box servers running Windows Server 2003 R2, using one as a domain controller/Exchange 2003 server and the other as a backup domain controller and DFS replicator. These tired but true servers presented a stumbling block for future growth of the enterprise. There was also an overtaxed firewall and several managed and unmanaged switches that would need to be retired, plus a wireless infrastructure needed to be built.

Our Solution

We recommended a comprehensive network upgrade project, including new state-of-the-art firewalls, four new brand name servers, new gigabit managed switches and a new wireless network infrastructure. As part of the first phase of this rebuild, we installed the new firewalls at each site. We also installed and configured an enterprise grade wireless LAN controller with two high end wireless access points, and replaced two old 10/100 managed switches with modern gigabit managed switches. We distributed the practice management vendor’s software package through Group Policy and elbow grease to all workstations.

Then we moved on to a full-fledged file server migration, moving especially the user profiles, core company data, and the FTP site to a brand new HP server running Windows Server 2008 R2. We moved from this to a full scale print server migration to an x64 print server as well as an accounting server migration, doing all work after hours to ensure zero disruption for our client.

After several weeks of monitoring and testing, we then performed a complete domain migration from the old Windows 2003 domain to a Windows 2008 R2 domain. We rebuilt one of the old servers as a 2008 R2 domain controller. Undaunted, we pressed forth and performed a complete Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 transition, including full moves of all mailboxes, full replication of all public folders, and the successful decommissioning of the old Exchange 2003 server.


Our client has been very pleased with the improvements in network security, stability and efficiency. Enhanced security is key to the proper management of protected health information, saving our client that frustration. The improvements to stability and efficiency have allowed our client to better serve the community, increasing the quality and quantity of services that can be provided to their patient community.



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