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We believe that IT should be simple and straightforward so that you can focus less on the technology and more on your business. Read more about our simplified approach to Managed Services, or give our team a call.

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We have found that for many businesses, information technology is often an underdeveloped focus of their overall strategy. This is usually due to an underestimation of the importance of information technology, a hesitant perception of mystery and complexity in information technology, and a lack of consistency in long-term information technology solutions.


Fidelity Systems provides many services in Information Technology needed from many businesses. We work hard to understand the information technology needs of your business and we take pride in establishing good communications and strong relationships to support your operations.

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Our offerings are specifically designed for organizations with less than 200 users and limited or no in-house IT staff. With limited resources, companies look for a comprehensive outsourced IT department to address their needs, ranging from IT strategy, 24×7 network monitoring to business application support and security.

Our Testimonials

I like Fidelity Systems because they are both efficient and quick to respond to our needs when a computer issue occurs. Finally, by partnering with Fidelity Systems I feel less stressed and more confident knowing our network is safe and secure.

– Shelby Company

Fidelity Systems gives me peace of mind knowing that my network is being monitored 24 hours a day. After working with Fidelity Systems for a few years I feel that the biggest benefit that they offer me is that they are able to handle all of my computer needs.

– Cleveland Key and Security

Since teaming up with Fidelity Systems, one of the biggest benefits is the consistency of service response time. Fidelity Systems often are able to remote into a computer to remove a virus or perform other troubleshooting issues very quickly and proficiently.

– Acme Construction

The single benefit of using Fidelity Systems is having someone that understands our company. Fidelity Systems has a 15/30 model where we receive an acknowledgment within 30 minutes for all break/fix requests.

– Envirocom Construction

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