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Take Control

A Safer, Better Remote Desktop Solution

Due to the inevitable shutdown of many businesses at the cause of the international pandemic COVID-19, We offer take control to our customers as a remote access tool to allow users to work from home to attempt the slow the spread and keep a consistent workflow. Take Control is the software we use to remote into our clients due to the increased security and enhanced software benefits.

Key Features

Key Agreements: Instead of opening a listening port, both the technician’s machine and the end user’s machine get session keys from one of our intermediary cloud servers.

ISO 27001 Certification: Many remote support vendors have ISO 27001 certifications on their data centers. We support strong security standards at all of our data facilities. However, Take Control has also been ISO 27001 certified for its development processes, which few other vendors can claim.

Resiliency and Redundancy: Our cloud server architecture is designed to promote maximum uptime via redundant servers. If network traffic can’t go through one server for whatever reason, our systems will route the traffic to another and all traffic remains encrypted end-to-end, making it difficult (if not impossible) to snoop in on communications.

Elliptic-Curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH): The ECDH protocol creates cryptographic keys between two parties. This public/private key exchange allows the viewer and the agent to connect securely each time a session gets created (which is a vast improvement over leaving a port open like in an RDP-based solution).

Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) 256 Encryption: We also use a maximum-security implementation of AES 256-bit encryption on data to keep data secure both in transit and at rest.

“As businesses increasingly expect their service providers to keep them secure, we must make sure the tools we provide are up to the challenge. Take control is built to help you keep your devices secure - and allow you to be provided peace of mind in the process”

Benefits of Take Control Against Other Remote Solutions

Imagine that someone could tunnel into one of your computers and access every file, every app on the system. They could upload malicious scripts, change user credentials, or download ransomware to the machine. And even worse, they could do this because the doors were left wide open for them to enter. Unfortunately, this happens with a lot of remote access tools and protocols. Remote connections are often done using remote desktop protocol (RDP).

Let’s say you use an RDP-based solution. If attackers manage to break in, they have free reign on that machine. They could use it to install malicious software like ransomware (which happened to LabCorp in a 2018 attack), keyloggers, financial trojans, or crypto-miners. If they compromise one machine, they could use that as a launching point for attacks against the rest of the network. Take Control was built from day one to sidestep these vulnerabilities and remain secure in even the harshest of environments. Take Control also offers 2-Factor Authentication support including Google® Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and many others.

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