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Fidelity Systems has the experience and expertise to keep your computers running in prime condition for longer, saving you time & money.

Whether your computer is for personal or business use, our experts have the experience and expertise to keep your laptop or PC running in prime condition for longer, saving you time and money. We guarantee the highest level of personalized repair and impeccable customer service. We provide a comprehensive range of computer and technology solutions to small and medium business owners ranging the following types of operating systems using:

  • Microsoft Windows (Server, Workstations and Applications)
  • Apple MAC (Server and iOS)
  • Linux (Ubuntu)

Our typical range of supported environments are 5 to 200 devices Whether you are looking for help with technology issues, problem prevention, virus and spyware protection or data recovery and backup solutions, Fidelity Systems can support and help you with your IT concerns. Fidelity Systems understands how important it is for you to be connected and your devices to be running seamlessly and securely in your home and business.  Whether you love to check your Social Media, login to school to complete a paper, or finish a project from work, it is important that you are able to utilize your computer, laptop or mobile device when and where you need it. We offer several products and services that are designed for the active environment.  Here are a few of our PC Troubleshooting Services:

Fidelity Systems is ready to support your business!

Onsite Support

We will diagnose the problem and recommend the necessary solutions with explanations that are non-technical terms and make sense. You are kept informed and approve all charges before the repair and given confidence that your repair is guaranteed.

Remote Support

We can easily and securely access your computer remotely to remove pop-ups, check error messages, offer training, diagnose issues and even complete repairs. We will diagnose and quickly establish a plan of action to correct technology issues with minimal downtime.

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All technical support tasks are carried out using industry and vendor recommended best practices and we have the IT Tools in one single Dashboard to improve, secure and maintain your network. The following are some of the service components we use to maintain a healthy network:
  • Patch Management
  • Web Protection
  • Prescriptive Data Analytics
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Automated monitoring and maintenance
  • Device discovery
  • View device details
  • Connection Logs
We will solve your tickets fast! Our PC Troubleshooting software is convenient for you and us to give you the convenience – fast, reliable connections that lets us get in, get the job done, and quickly move on with your day. Our PC Troubleshooter tool provides the features we need to provide an outstanding user experience, including:
  • Fast connection speeds
  • Live chat
  • Easy support request options, desktop executable, a tray icon, and web requests
  • Special key support
  • Silent file transfers
  • Bash shell access
  • Session recordings
  • Productivity reports

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